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At Network Blue, we're not just teaching ocean science; we're reshaping its future. By leveraging affordable and innovative technology, we're democratising the study of our oceans, making it accessible to everyone. This is where the enthusiasm of the Maker Movement seamlessly blends with the intricate world of ocean science.

Our Program

Our students actively participate in building, deploying, and monitoring an AusOcean "Rig". This hands-on experience helps them cultivate a multitude of skills, from mastering technical aspects to honing communication and teamwork. Unlike traditional student competitions, the ultimate winner with Network Blue is our invaluable ocean environment. We champion a collaborative spirit, encouraging schools to collaborate, share insights, and combine resources.

Beyond STEM

Network Blue's reach goes beyond conventional STEM programs. While we seamlessly integrate with school curriculums, our appeal is widespread. Students delve into outdoor education, engage in water sports, initiate community projects, and even venture into entrepreneurship. A world of non-technical learning awaits every student. Dive in with our interactive Network Blue School STEM Program today.

Our Digital Edge

Stay connected with the pulse of our projects in real-time. Our state-of-the-art Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system, fueled by AusOcean's VidGrind cloud service, offers instantaneous insights into rig performance. This ensures swift interventions and constant optimisations, keeping our projects at the pinnacle of efficiency. Students direct their own learning via our online learning platform Network Blue School STEM Program.

We are opening the program to more schools in 2024. Please contacts us at for more information.

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