We are the Australian Ocean Lab (AusOcean), an environmental not-for-profit organisation with a difference. Our mission is to help our oceans through technology.


Healthy oceans are vital to our future. Oceans harbour beautiful wildlife, provide a bounty of food, regulate the global climate, and provide many other benefits, such as transportation and recreation. Yet, considering the fact that they cover 71% of our planet's surface, our knowledge of the oceans and marine ecosystems is still surprisingly sparse. We need to change this.


We partner with other NPOs working in the area of marine conservation.


We design, build and deploy open source ocean technology, including networked sea surface platforms, known as “rigs”, as well as custom sensors (e.g. underwater cameras, hydrophones, environmental sensors, etc.). Data is transmitted straight to the “cloud”, where it is stored, analyzed and shared. Our goal is to transform the way in which ocean data is collected and communicated.

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