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At AusOcean, our team's unique blend of talents and expertise is central to our mission of using technology for ocean conservation. Comprising specialists in engineering, marine science, and ecological research, our team collaboratively develops and applies innovative open-source ocean technology. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to tackle marine challenges effectively and advance the way ocean data is collected and communicated. Our focus is on creating a sustainable future for our oceans, driven by technological innovation and a deep understanding of marine ecosystems.


Our mission is to help our oceans through technology. We believe in the power of blending cutting-edge low-cost technology with marine science to create innovative technological solutions for our oceans. Our journey began in 2017, with a vision to not just understand but actively improve the health of marine ecosystems. Our founder, Alan Noble, alongside a dedicated team, embarked on this mission with the conviction that technology could be a force for good in environmental stewardship. Since then, AusOcean has been at the forefront of developing and implementing novel technologies to monitor, protect, and restore the ocean, pioneering a new era in ocean conservation.



AusOcean Founder holds a low-cost camera sled prototype

Alan Noble

AusOcean was founded by Alan Noble in 2017. Alan is an electrical and electronics engineer by training who has spent his entire career working with computers and software technology, having lived and worked on several continents and founded software companies in Silicon Valley and Australia. He is passionate about our oceans and spends every available moment in or on the water. Alan's goal in founding AusOcean is to develop and apply technology for the good of our oceans.

He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia. Previously, he was head of engineering for Google Australia (11 years), an Adjunct Professor in Computer Science at Adelaide University (9 years) and a director of the South Australian Museum (7 years). He also served on several national advisory boards, including advising the Chief Scientist of Australia, the Australian Information Commissioner and the Government 2.0 Taskforce, contributing to the Engage Report. He was also a founder of StartupAUS and a contributor to the Australian Entrepreneurs Guide.


Sean Connell records data underwater

Prof. Sean Connell

Prof. Sean Connell, founding director of AusOcean, is an ecologist who discovers how the web of marine life works and investigates how humans can intercede to reverse decline. His work improved water quality through regulation, reduced land-derived pollution by water recycling, empowered the use of local methods to reduce the imprint of climate change and recently seeks solutions for the restoration of lost habitat. Success has been built on his joining of scientific-discovery with policy-making; providing global leadership to enable society’s aspiration for cost-effective enhancement of the web of marine life.

He is a Professor of Ecology at The University of Adelaide, published Australia’s first textbook on Marine Ecology, is an editor of the international journal "Marine Biology" and recipient of national awards for his contribution to ecology.

Headshot of our board member Dr Sally-Ann Williams

Dr Sally-Ann Williams

Sally-Ann Williams is the CEO of Cicada Innovations, Australia’s pioneering deep tech incubator building companies solving the world's most pressing problems through science and engineering, nurturing hundreds of visionary deep tech innovators to validate, commercialise and scale high impact technologies.

Prior to joining Cicada she spent over 12 years at Google as an Executive Program Manager on the engineering team leading work on R&D collaborations with universities, startup and entrepreneurship engagement and pioneering work on CS & STEM education including building world first collaborations delivering national transformation.

Sally-Ann is an experienced non-executive board member, having previously served on the boards of World Vision Australia and Fishburners and currently serving on the board of Biz Capital, in addition to AusOcean. She is a frequent keynote speaker on topics such as Deep Tech, technology transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship, inclusion, business development, commercialisation and transformation.


Trek Hopton headshot

Trek Hopton

Lead Engineer

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McKenzie Nelson-Milton headshot

McKenzie Nelson-Milton

Education Coordinator

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Catherine Larkin headshot

Catherine Larkin

Operations Manager

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David Sutton headshot

David Sutton


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Saxon Nelson-Milton headshot

Saxon Nelson-Milton


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Breeze delWest


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We are proud to work with a number of partners who share our passion for ocean conservation and open-source technology. Together, we are working towards a common goal of protecting our oceans. If you are interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.

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